Starter Rebuilding

RebCore offers all types of rebuilt starters of domestic and imported manufacture. The range includes units by Bosch, Valeo, Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Delco Remy and many others. All the offered RebCore starters undergo a standard rebuilding procedure, consisting of several stages:

  • Receiving starters at our warehouse: upon receipt, starters are visually inspected and entered into the warehouse according to part numbers.
  • Disassembling: at this stage starters are completely disassembled into components.
  • Components cleaning: it is carried out using various technologies: industrial and ultra-sound cleaners, as well as shot-blasting equipment.
  • Components rebuilding: depending on the type of components being rebuilt, different procedures are done: polishing, chrome-plating, galvanizing, welding and lathe works.
  • Starter assembling: rebuilt and new components are assembled on separate production lines.
  • Bench-testing each starter: all rebuilt components are necessarily checked for performance. There is a separate test bench for each stage of starter rebuilding.
  • Painting and packing: good appearance of a unit is the reflection of diligent work, done on the inside.

With the illustrations below, we’d like to briefly demonstrate the process of starter rebuilding.

б/у стартеры

Ordering starter cores from our European, American and Asian suppliers (on the photo there is a pallet with starter cores).

Стартеры перед разборкой

Delivering starters to the production workshop
(on the photo there are units before disassembling).

Отбор одинаковых стартеров для восстановления

Selection of similar starters for rebuilding.

Проверка ротора стартера

Bench-testing of a starter armature.

Разобранный на составляющие стартер

On the photo there is a fully disassembled starter. Defect identification is being done

Пескоструйная обработка деталей стартера

Sand-blasting of starter components.

Разборка бендикса для восстановления изношенных деталей

Starter drive – disassembling for changing worn parts.

Бендикс стартера перед сборкой

On the photo there is a drive before assembling.

Бендикс стартера после восстановления

Rebuilt drive.

Процесс восстановления втягивающего реле стартера

Starter solenoid rebuilding (on the photo there is the disassembling of a solenoid into all components).

Новые составляющие для восстановленного втягивающего реле стартера

On the photo there are the components, necessarily changed into new while solenoid rebuilding.

Втягивающее реле стартера после восстановления

Rebuilt solenoid.

Стартер перед сборкой

Starter before assembling. On the photo there are new starter components.

Проверка восстановленного стартера

Bench-testing of a rebuilt starter.

Нанесение гарантийных пломб на восстановленный стартер

Putting warranty seals.

Восстановленный стартер в упаковке

Packed starter.