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What is RebCore?

RebCore is a brand, offering starters, alternators and turbocharges, rebuilt in factory conditions, for passenger cars, trucks, heavy equipment and agricultural machinery.

For 20 years now, RebCore has been merchandising rebuilt starters, alternators and turbocharges, which are the best alternative to new non-original parts.


We are a dynamic company, ready to constantly move forward, offering high-quality products, expending the offer and guaranteeing maximum stock and quick supply.

We possess modern production capacities and equipment, highly appraised by many companies. These companies expressed gratitude for our technical and economical effort. This is what allows us to improve the quality and expand our service range day by day.


RebCore’s production capacities include:

  • Large stock of items for various car makes and models.
  • Large stock of ready products. We ship orders from our central warehouse in Kyiv to anywhere in Ukraine.
  • Many test equipment units:

— alternator regulator test benches;

— rectifier test benches;

— test benches for starter armature and field coil, alternator rotor and stator;

— several benches for testing starter and alternator with various loads.

  • Other specialized equipment:

— welding machines;

— ultra-sound equipment for components cleaning;

— shot- and sand-blasting machines;

— automated polishers for components rebuilding;

— lathe equipment.

Starter, alternator and turbocharger rebuilding allows RebCore to maintain friendly to the environment and ensure efficient use of recourses.

At the moment, the brand is offering a wide range of rebuilt parts for both popular and rare car makes and models.

Why RebCore?

RebCore is a guarantee of product high-quality, based on following all regulations and standards of rebuilding at all production stages. Unit rebuilding is carried out by the specialists, which have been working in this specific field for 20 years, yearly improving their skills. Besides, professional equipment with quality spares only is used for rebuilding, which allows to achieve maximum result in minimum amount of time.

RebCore is the best products, best services and most competitive prices on the market.